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Each used part that leaves our factory is first put through its paces. This is more than just a claim, which is why, within Europe, we give a warranty of two years for almost all used parts, in accordance with our warranty conditions.

        > Our Warranty Conditions (PDF)

Even if our parts are not new – the quality standards remain high for used parts. We distinguish between different quality classes. On the basis of these quality classes, you can see what minimum quality criteria the used part chosen by you must fulfil.

        > Our Quality Classes (PDF)


    In the event that you should wish to return goods that you have received – for whatever reason – please use the following return form (PDF document) to ensure transparent and rapid processing of your returns. Simply click to open the PDF document in a new window or right click to download the PDF document.

            > Our Return Form (PDF)

    You can either print out this return form and fill it in by hand, or fill it in on your computer and send us the printed form by fax or by post. You can also attach the return form to an email and send it to “”.

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